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A wide range of fitness and strength training accessories specific to Chinese martial arts. Weight, elastics, ropes, accessories for stretching, cladding or for working muscle tone etc.

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    Weighted Medecine ball. Used in various exerices to strenghten and tone the body. Available in 1 kg, 2 kg (+ 2 €), 3 kg (+ 7 €), 4 kg (+ 12 €) and 5 kg (+ 18 €). versions. Weighted Medecine ball. Used in...

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    Pair of weighted bracelets, to strenghten arms and legs. Double velcro tightening to ensure a great maintenance. Suitable for wrists and ankles. Available in three versions, with a weight per pair of 1 kg, 2 kg (+6€) or 5 kg (+18€). Pair of weighted bracelets, to...

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    Large weighted handle used for muscle work and stretching. Steel model and rubber handle. Available in five versions, with a weight of 4 kg, 6 kg (+ 11 €), 8 kg (+ 20 €), 12 kg (+ 30 €) or 16 kg (+ 44 €). Large weighted handle used for muscle...

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    High-end skipping rope from Rinkage brand. Ergonomic and weighted handles (60g). 6mm genuine leather rope. Anti-vibration steel ball bearing. Available in 3 sizes. High-end skipping rope from Rinkage...

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    New generation of sport accessories, Ball Jump ropes allow excellent work of bodybuilding, cardio and coordination. It consists of a handle, a short rope and a weighted ball. Sold by pair. 2 weights available. New generation of sport accessories,...

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    Bodybuilding handle for effective strengthening of the fingers, hand and wrist. Adjustable model, steel structure, thick spring, handle covered with grip. Adjustable resistance from 10 to 40 kg. Sold individually. Bodybuilding handle for effective...

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    Handles used to optimize your position when practicing Push-Ups. Plastic model and rubber coating. Sold in pairs. Handles used to optimize your...

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    Abdominal wheel with handles. Simple but very effective accessory to improve your cladding, your abs and your muscle tone. Double wheel, tubular handle made of resistant plastic, foam grip. Abdominal wheel with handles. Simple...

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    Rope and handle used to strengthen your wrists, arms and shoulders. A bodybuilding accessory particularly useful for traditional Kungfu styles, to improve arm strength, grips and Chi Na. Metal handle with foam grip, polyester rope, metal weight clip. Rope and handle used to strengthen...

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    Neck trainer, head strap used for the development of neck muscles. Delivered without dumbbell. Neck trainer, head strap used for the...

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    Floor ladder, used in a variety of coordination, speed and support exercises. Length of 6 meters. Delivered with a transport bag. Floor ladder, used in a variety of...

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    Agility zone. Accessory composed of 6 hoops attached together. Tool for developing fast and precise movements, also very useful for cardio work. Frequently used in sports clubs for physical preparation Agility zone. Accessory composed of 6...

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