The straightsword is the noble weapon of Chinese martial arts. It is widely used in internal styles such as Tai Chi Chuan. Modern Wushu favors very flexible blades with noisy handling, while rigid to slightly flexible blades are more appreciated for traditional Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu.

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    Twin straightswords for modern Wushu training. Very flexible galvanized steel blade. Wooden handles. Metal guards. Unlike simple straightswords, twin straightswords have semicircular handles, allowing them to join. 3 blade lengths available, from 65 to 75 cm (plus-or-minus 2 cm). Twin straightswords for modern Wushu...

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    Wooden straightsword for Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan training. Adapted to children, this is a reassuring choice for their parents and teachers. It's also a great choice for anyone sensitive or uncomfortable with the use of metal weapon. Light version designed for beginners. 6 blade lengths available, from 55 to 80 cm. Wooden straightsword for Kung Fu and...

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    Wooden straightsword, ideal for a first approach of internal and external Chinese martial arts. Hardwook model, relatively heavy and dense, made by Kwon brand. One size. Wooden straightsword, ideal for a...

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    Long two-handed straightsword. High-class version for advanced Kung Fu practice, particularly used in "Tang Lang Quan". Stainless steel blade. Long wooden handle with copper steel guard and weighted base. Blade of 100 cm and handle of about 30 cm. Long two-handed straightsword....

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    Very long straightsword, commonly used in the external styles and especially in "Tang Lang Quan". Galvanized steel blade. Wooden handle. Metal guard. Very long straightsword, commonly...

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    Called "Jian Ci" or "Ya Yu Jian" (sword of sawfish), this sword features a fully serrated blade. Rigid blade, galvanized steel. Wooden handle, metal guard. Called "Jian Ci" or "Ya Yu Jian"...

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    Retractable sword, usually used in Tai Chi Chuan, for outside training. Metal blade, guard and handle. Telescopic blade. Balance very close to the guard. Discreet and easy to carry. Comes with a basic cover and tassels. Retractable sword, usually used in...

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