Our t-shirts, short pants and other sports clothing in connection with the practice of Chinese martial arts. Equipment for daily training or modern practice. Designs, embroidery and impressions on the different themes of Kung Fu and Chinese arts.

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    Sleeveless T-shirt, made of polyester. Screenprint of the ideogram "Nan" and "Quan" on the front, large "Wu" character on the rear. Chinese characters "Nan Quan" means Southern Boxing. It refers to famous southern Kung Fu styles as Wing Chun, Choy Li Fut or Hung Gar. The character "Wu" means martial. Sleeveless T-shirt, made of...

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    Long-sleeved T-shirt, made of combed cotton. Screenprint of ideograms "Tai" and "Ji" on the front and silhouettes on the back. A model dedicated to internal martial arts. Long-sleeved T-shirt, made of combed...

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