Masks, jackets, gloves and other accessories generally used in martial arts clubs for the practice of drills and sparring with dummy weapons.

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    Large vest with reinforcements for Kung Fu weapon sparring *, Kali and Escrima. Velcro clamping back. Wide body coverage. High absorption capacity. Black color. Available in 2 sizes. Large vest with reinforcements for...

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    Headmask with large metal grid, for Kung Fu weapon sparring, Kali or Escrima. PU coating, injected foam. High absorption capacity. Wide field of vision. Velcro closure. Integrated neck cover. Black color. 3 sizes available. Headmask with large metal grid, for...

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    Pair of gloves with reinforcements for Kung Fu weapon sparring, Kali and Escrima. Non-slip and ergonomic, with leather exterior and reinforcement of exposed areas. Pair of gloves with reinforcements...

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