Order Guide

Our company, our services, our articles, and the orders processing and shipping.


Wushuguan is a french store, dedicated exclusively to chinese martial arts : Kung Fu Wushu, Sanda, Tai Ji Quan, Qi Gong... Our catalog includes 500 references and we have over 30,000 items in stock.

We are partners with a large number of brands, Chinese factories and forges. Our products are carefully selected and sorted, to import and distribute the best martial arts items at best prices.

Our clients are individuals, associations and federations. Most of them are located in Europe.

Quality and Security

Wushuguan is a french company (SARL, share capital: 180 000 €).

We have a armourer license, delivered by the french administration, and all the necessary qualifications to import and sale martial arts weapons and accessories.

Payments made by credit card on our website are 100% secured by E-Transaction, a system developed by Crédit Agricole ®.

Our customer service is available, by email or by phone, from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM (french time), to advise you according to your practice and your needs.

Products and Stocks

Our weapons and clothes are organised by product ranges (Beginners, Athlete, Tradition ...), allowing you to choose the material that best suits your needs and your budget. Information about these ranges are contained in each product sheets as well as in the "Product Guide". For further information, please contact our Customer Service.

Working mainly with Kung Fu and Tai Chi Schools, we are usually able to ship large orders within 24 to 48 hours. If replenishment, our products are renewed in an average of 2 to 8 weeks. For a better quality of services, the state of our stock is visible on our website, on each product page.

Processing and Shipping

All orders are processed and shipped within 1 to 5 days. If paying by check or bank transfer, processing will start from the the payment confirmation. If your order includes a product on order, processing may start from the date of availability (depending on your delivery options).

When ordering, the exact shipping fees to your destination will be shown at the beginning of the checkout process, after completing your delivery information.

Most deliveries are made by GLS, Chronopost and DB Schenker, selected for their speed and the excellent quality of their service. We are soliciting them depending on the destination and package types.

Delivery rates to major European destinations (Euros excl. VAT) :

DPD (< 30 kg)
Country / Weight1 kg5 kg10 kg20 kg
France (24 - 48 hours)6.668.9011.2414.98
Germany (2 - 4 days)11.6615.0918.6623.25
United Kingdom (2 - 4 days)14.1618.8423.2230.84
Belgium (2 - 4 days)11.6615.0918.6623.25
Spain (2 - 4 days)14.1618.8423.2230.84
Italy (2 - 4 days)14.1618.8423.2230.84
Netherland (2 - 4 days)11.6615.0918.6623.25
Portugal (2 - 4days)19.9933.2036.7143.75
Irland (2 - 4 days)19.9933.2036.7143.75

+ Order processing time.

CHRONOPOST (< 30 kg)
Country / Weight1 kg5 kg10 kg20 kg
France (24 hours)17.5418.7022.3828.86
Germany (2 - 3 days)25.1833.9844.6066.71
United Kingdom (2 - 3 days)27.3937.2949.2974.17
Belgium (2 - 3 days)25.1833.9844.6066.71
Spain (2 - 3 days)27.3937.2949.2974.17
Italy (2 - 3 days)27.3937.2949.2974.17
Netherland (2 - 3 days)25.1833.9844.6066.71
Portugal (2 - 3 days)35.6746.6760.0587.69
Irland (2 - 3 days)35.6746.6760.0587.69

+ Order processing time.

DB SCHENKER (very large parcels)
Country / Weight30 kg60 kg100 kg200 kg
France (2 - 5 days)30.7240.8462.95136.13
Germany (4 - 7 days)48.1358.7980.33145.33
United Kingdom (4 - 7 days)57.6070.6882.18156.18
Belgium (4 - 7 days)48.1358.7980.33145.33
Spain (4 - 7 days)57.6070.6882.18156.18
Italy (4 - 7 days)57.6070.6882.18156.18
Netherland (4 - 7 days)48.1358.7980.33145.33
Portugal (4 - 7 days)70.8785.4295.92170.92
Irland (4 - 7 days)70.8785.4295.92170.92

+ Order processing time.