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All our clearance in shoes, clothing, weapons, Sanda equipment and accessories. Our best offers. Products in limited quantities, sold for the most part at cost.

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    - Welcome to our online store. For individuals, we now offer an express supply service and / or reservation in case of product out of stock. For clubs, we offer embroidery clothing customization, as well as special offers (see details here : Schools).



    - November 2018 : Shoes, outfits, fans, DVDs and VCDs.
    - January 2019 : All models of weapons and outfits, shoes, wooden dummies, bags and accessories.



    - November 2018 : Several new models of shoes for Wushu and Taiji training.
    - January 2019 : Chest protectors of blue color for Sanda competition.


    Last update : New Nan Quan outfits for training and competition.