• Sport Mask

    Light & Breathable

    Sport Mask

    Washable 50 times,
    Made in France

  • Daheng Competition Wushu Swords

    new release


    Premium weapons
    Forged by Daheng

  • Footwear News

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    Best price / quality ratio
    Kung-Fu & Taijiquan

  • Winter Tai Ji Quan Clothing

    Tai Chi Outfit

    Winter Athlete

    Premium Polar Fabric
    3 colors available

  • Dalian Forges

    Master Serie

    Dalian Forges

    work of

  • School Supplies

    for your


    5 to 15 %

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All our clearance in shoes, clothing, weapons, Sanda equipment and accessories. Our best offers. Products in limited quantities, sold for the most part at cost.

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    OUR SHOP :

    - Welcome to all Chinese martial arts and energy arts enthusiasts !

    - To reserve an item awaiting supply, obtain more information on our products, find out about preferential rates
    and the personalization of clothing offered to associations ; do not hesitate to contact our customer service by e-mail or telephone.



    - January 2021 : All models of weapons, outfits, shoes, bags and accessories.

    - April 2021 : DVDs and VCDs.



    - Coming soon: New weapons, protections and accessories for partner training.


    Last update : 28/02/2021.